Where is ottomanjs full documentation?

on this documentation ottomanjs.com, I don’t find enough information

  • modal methods they only mention findbyId , what are the other methods ottoman supports?
  • how to use operators inside find method

I can from mongoose js they do have good documentation which explains all about methods, schema and query and almost all what need to build an application.

Is there any documentation for ottomanjs?

Hey @chawki,

The Ottoman ODM does not currently support generically searching for stuff using operators, instead opting for allowing you to specify the ways you want to query a model (via indexes) and then these become methods you can invoke to do searches. This enables us to pre-generate various indexes to improve performance. There is an active effort to improve Ottoman.js (including a new version 2 which we hope to release this year), and part of this effort is improving the documentation. Let me know if you have any specific questions though and I’ll be happy to help!

Cheers, Brett

If you would like to see the documentation for the alpha version of Ottoman JS, it is here: