Ottoman Question

I have a few questions to Ottoman.

a) is there a way to specify the key for Docs created by Ottoman, by default it seems its ModelName +"|"+ key but i would prefer to be modelname + “::” = Key

b) If i look at the published samples, i can see how to create record with array of subdocs like emails. Is there a way to find based on the sub doc the Parent ? In my case i am having an array of email Address doc but i want to find the person record which is the parent of the Email doc. Is that possible ? As the subdoc does not have a name only an id, i would have to find the doc for the email and get the id and then search the contact form to find any record who has a ID in that matches that of my email doc in array. Can Ottoman handle that ? Or do i have to go to N1QL ? Also would it help if i would save the parent id in the email Doc so i could just get the email Doc based on email address and then look up contact based on Parent ID. Just a few ideas but i am trying to see what ottoman can and can not do,