When connect to more than one bucket the reads are slowing down (number of gets/sec)

Couchbase version: Community Edition 5.0.0 build 3519
Spark Version: 2.2.0
Spark Couch Connector: 2.2.0 with Scala 2.11

We have two buckets like bucket1 and bucket2. bucket one has 1 lack records and bucket 2 has 20 lack records.

When we read the one bucket the reads are happening pretty fast. 6k gets/sec
But when we connect two buckets trying read as below the reads are coming down to 512 gets/sec.

val spark = SparkSession.builder()
.config(“com.couchbase.username”, “")
.config(“com.couchbase.password”, "
.config(“spark.couchbase.bucket.bubcket1”, “”)
.config(“spark.couchbase.bucket.bubcket2”, “”)

val optios = Map(
  "bucket" -> "bubcket1",
  "schemaFilter" -> N1QLRelation.filterToExpression(EqualTo("processed_flag", "N")))

val bubcket1 = spark.read.couchbase(optios)

val bubcket2 = spark.read.couchbase(Map("bucket" -> "bubcket2"))

Please help to solve the issue.