How to bulk read the data from couchbase in spark?

i have a couchbase bucket having 4 million records and i have written spark program to read the bucket data using n1ql query in intellij

val querydset = N1qlQuery.simple(“select * fromdset”)
val data_dset = spark.sparkContext.couchbaseQuery((querydset).map(_.value.toString())
val rd_dset =

but i get the following error

ERROR connection.QueryAccessor: Couchbase N1QL Query List(SimpleN1qlQuery{statement=select * from dset}) failed with {“msg”:“Error performing bulk get operation - cause: {7 errors, starting with read tcp> i/o timeout}”,“code”:12008}

if i use this query N1qlQuery.simple(“select * fromdset limit 250000”) . it works fine
but after that limit it throws the above error .

If your actual use case is getting everything from a bucket, look at the streaming interface. That’s a lot more efficient than a “select *” kind of query. See the spark samples on