When can I expect the Python SDK which is compatible with Python 3.11

In my application only Python 3.11 is available. So I can only use the Python SDK which is compatible with 3.11. But from the documentation, I came to know that there is no Python SDK which is compatible with 3.11.
Could you please let me know when I can expect the Python SDK which is compatible with Python 3.11?

It’s not on the supported list. But if you want to try it out I suspect it will run.

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Hi @SrinivasB – We cannot say we officially support Python 3.11 until we have been able to update our CI pipelines to verify we can both build and test successfully with Python 3.11. I have created PYCBC-1473 so that users can track when we will provide support. I don’t have a concrete timeline, but once I do I will update the ticket and will come back to update this post.

As @mreiche said, you can still try to build and we suspect it will work, but it will not be officially supported until we complete PYCBC-1473.

Thank you very much @mreiche :slight_smile:

Thank you very much @jcasey . I’ll look forward to PYCBC-1473.

Hi @jcasey,When I am trying to build with Python 3.11.3, am facing multiple build errors. If possible, Could you please share me the steps/documents to get successful build?

Note: If possible, please let me know the timeline of official support for Python 3.11

Thanks again,

The steps are the same as for Python 3.10. Refer to Python support for compatibility issues between minor versions of Python. Any issues will be resolved by the time PYCBC-1473 is completed.

Thank you very much @mreiche.

Following-up to announce that we added Python 3.11 support in the 4.1.6 release of the Python SDK.

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Thank you very much @jcasey :slight_smile: for the update

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