How to install and use pypy

please share updated doc , or saysome of steps tq

Hi @boby
Regrettably, the current Python SDK cannot work with PyPy

Because the Python SDK is written primarily in C using the CPython API, the official SDK will not work on PyPy.

I’ll add that notice to the compatibility and release pages so that it’s more visible.

Yes, we would love to support PyPy but on last examination this would take a lot of time to refactor the existing code to support it.

We have looked at (and continue to evaluate) alternative binding systems such as PyBind11, cppyy, or PyO3 but both of these would probably require a complete rewrite of the CPython binding layer into C++ or Rust (and the latter has issues wherein Rust cannot directly call PyPy back, although perhaps there is some workaround to that).

If you have a specific use case for PyPy and couchbase please talk to our Sales team or @AV25242 and perhaps we can reprioritise.