What's this message means?

my application print many message like this “
cb-computations-3] INFO com.couchbase.client.core.event.consumers.LoggingConsumer - {”/":{“BINARY”:{“KeepAliveRequest”:{“SUCCESS”:{“metrics”:{“min”:487,“max”:4112,“count”:75,“timeUnit”:“MICROSECONDS”,“percentiles”:{“50.0”:659,“90.0”:970,“95.0”:1044,“99.0”:1507,“99.9”:4112}}}}…", does any problem with my cluster?

Anything that would be a problem would be logged at warning or error level. This is just an indication that the client sent a message across the idle-but-open connection to keep it alive and it’s printing out some stats.

If you reduce your log level either for this class or below INFO, you won’t get these messages.

thank you very much:sweat_smile: