What port does the c# api use to connect to Couchbase?

var cluster = new Cluster(new ClientConfiguration
Servers = new List {
new Uri(“http://server1”),
new Uri(“http://server2”)

        MessageBox.Show("trying to connect", "connecting", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information);
        var authenticator = new PasswordAuthenticator("user", "passwd");

at this point the app hangs and dies , my app is behind a firewall and the coucbase DB is outside the firewall (its an internal PCI firewall) I thought it used 8091 so I had then open up that specific port but I guess that’s just the admin console port and not used by the API can someone tell me what port the API uses so I can have it opened?

thank you

See this document in the “Client-to-node” section, multiple ports are required.