What is your average network load?

Hi all,

SG service was unresponsive and overloaded for days until the issue was found and solved. The network traffic was routed via the internet between 2 SGs and 3 CBs. And the traffic was capped at 50 Mbits. Now the 5 servers are connected via VLAN and there are no issues anymore. Support told me that there is no average number of how much bandwidth is too little. That’s why I’d like to share my numbers and compare it with others:

In the last 24 hours the average bandwidth was:
SG1: 80Mbits incoming - 50Mbits outgoing
SG2: 37Mbits incoming - 13Mbits outgoing
CB1: 19Mbits incoming - 43Mbits outgoing
CB2: 34Mbits incoming - 50Mbits outgoing
CB3: 27Mbits incoming - 42Mbits outgoing

Load balancer: 0,5Mbits incoming - 0,5Mbits outgoing

The size of the bucket is about 5GB (disk usage)

I’m looking forward to your stats. Thanks for sharing!