What does Rebalance failed - mover_crashed mean?

I’m using Couchbase 6.0, one node is at 90% disk space so I’ve added one more node to replace it with.

I have 6 nodes in the cluster and I’ve just added a 7th to replace the low disk node.

But I can’t rebalance the cluster since it crashes with the error message ‘mover_crashed’, do you guys have any ideas?

I really need to replace the node that’s running out of disk space asap

Here’s the full log message:

  1. https://pastebin.com/1KcRfTGy “exited with unexpected_exit”
  2. https://pastebin.com/PJBfWdzT “mover_crashed”

I am also facing similar error mover_crashed, timeout while rebalancing. What does it mean and where can I get the information of these parameters in couchbase document. I am using v7.1.4

Unfortunately Erlang makes it a bit challenging to diagnose these sort of distributed issues. In the previous posters logs, I see indication of ‘timeout’ which is what caused the rebalance to fail…but determining why there was a timeout is going to be much more challenging.