Rebalance failed with error


We have an environment with 4 nodes, we are trying to add 2 more nodes to the cluster and perform a rebalance. All nodes are having 3.0.1.
When the rebalance is at around 65-70%, it failed with the log below.

We tried 3 times without success. May I know if there are any misconfiguration? Or this is a bug that have been fixed at later versions?


Rebalance exited with reason {unexpected_exit, {‘EXIT’,<0.11233.354>, {{{noproc, {gen_server,call, [‘’, {takeover,664}, infinity]}}, {gen_server,call, [‘replication_manager-iptb’, {dcp_takeover, ‘’, 664}, infinity]}}, {gen_server,call, [{‘janitor_agent-iptb’, ‘’}, {if_rebalance,<0.7438.354>, {dcp_takeover, ‘’, 664}}, infinity]}}}}