Weird JSON document structure

I’m going crazy trying to query this object:

“prof_id”: “6505”,
“publications”: {
“0”: {
“authors”: [
“auth_id”: “5580”,
“first_name”: “Jon”
“auth_id”: “5400”,
“first_name”: “Jane”
“pu_id”: “85016”,
“title”: “Theoretical models of math”,
“type”: “Journal”
“1”: {

“7”: {


The problem is that I can’t access to the fields inside the single publications, because they are objects with a random number as a name, not arrays. So if, for instance, I would like to use “auth_id”, I have no idea how to do that.
Could someone help me out, please?

Use OBJECT_PAIRS(publications) it coverts to ARRAY of name, val pairs and then you can use array construct on val to access required fields. Also you can take look OBJECT_VALUES(),OBJECT_NAMES(),…

SELECT OBJECT_VALUES(publications) FROM default;
SELECT META().id FROM default WHERE ANY v WITHIN OBJECT_VALUES(publications) SATISFIES v.auth_id = "5400" END;
SELECT META().id FROM default WHERE ANY v WITHIN publications SATISFIES v.auth_id = "5400" END;
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Thank you, that’s exactly what I was looking for!