WebUI Servers list not showing

Hi, following a single node non-root installation of couchbase, the ui is spinning/looping while trying to display servers. Everything else is working fine.

I hadn’t seen this before nor could I find any issues.couchbase.com about it. The only thing I could think of is that the couchbase server (or just the kv node) stopped running or was severely overloaded and could not respond. So I ran many, many clients against my single node server - and I could eventually reproduce the problem.

  • Mike

Hi Mike, thanks for replying. This single linux node is a dev environment so not overloaded at all. I don’t know if it’s related or not but from the browser network inspector I found a 500 error on /pools/default/tasks. I tested the same from curl on the server and got the following error.

[“Unexpected server error, request logged.”]

From http_access.log
“GET /pools/default/tasks HTTP/1.1” 500

From debug.log

What I found odd is that /home/couchbase is empty so I don’t know what “/home/couchbase/jenkins/workspace/couchbase-server-unix/couchdb/src/mochiweb/mochiweb_http.erl” is. Am I missing a third party component needed by Couchbase?

Open a ticket at issues.couchbase.com. Be sure to include the version and environment (OS and version).

I presume that path it is showing is just the path where it was built and not related to the issue.

Finally it was 2 ports used by Uptime Infrastructure Monitor. 9998 and 9999

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