Webcast: Choosing the Best DBaaS for Performance and Price (with Daniel Seybold, CTO and Founder of benchANT)

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Matthew Groves
Daniel Seybold, CTO and Founder of benchANT

A Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) can offer numerous advantages, including simplified management, easier scalability, better cost-efficiency, faster deployment, greater flexibility, expert support, and more. But not every DBaaS is created equal. In this webcast, we’re putting the spotlight on Couchbase Capella™, MongoDB™ Atlas, Azure Cosmos DB, and Amazon DocumentDBDynamoDB to help you choose the right DBaaS for your specific workload. We’ll compare their technical performance numbers and explore how they address distinct business challenges, including how Capella’s unique features solve common data problems and speed up innovation.

benchANT’s CTO will join us to share his company’s DBaaS Navigator tool and discuss the key factors for selecting an optimal DBaaS solution. These include deployment options, management features, support services, and performance.

This webcast is perfect for CTOs, DBAs, data scientists, and anyone else looking for the most efficient and cost-effective DBaaS solution for their needs.

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