Web console /uilogin 200 but /pools 401


I’ve been using the Web Console occasionally until recently I suddenly cannot log in. (stuck at login page instead of proceeding to overview)

Upon inspecting the browser calls, after entering the username/password with a post to uilogin it returns a 200 and sets the ui-auth cookie, however the browser then GET /pools which returns 401.

I can curl pools providing the username/password.

Kindly advise how do I resolve this.

thank you :slight_smile:

(couchbase 4.5.1, 5 node cluster exposed via kubernetes service)

Update: it works if I vpn and use the pod’s ip for direct access… but doesn’t work through the ingress/service… it used to work…

For now I’ll use the vpn way. My hunch is somehow the session stickiness went away…