Way to say Couchbase what ip's he should use

Hello i work long time with couchbase and now with the added cbq-engine it gets more importent then ever.

Couchbase Protocol Chooses ip’s i have servers with ssh vpn and sometimes i even use docker containers and that i am expirmenting a lot.

Now i got a Situation that i would call a Bug:

i have couchbase running on the same server has a ssh tunnel to and also a local address that is now when i access the server and data via the Node.JS sdk he will use via couchbase protocol but for any reason for iquerying

so on that server :smiley: querys dont work anymore without supplying the secund address that addresss was not supplyed to the couchbase instance via its local machine he only knows it because the XDC replica

i have a XDC connection via that ssh tunnel to a other couchbase cluster one is the dev cluster one is a production cluster.