View not finding sole record in bucket

I have a view that cannot find the sole record in my couchbase (4.5.1) after a database flush (and then pushing that one record, which shows in my only bucket under “documents”.

function (doc, meta) {
  if (( === "jira-defect-status") || ( === "defects-jira-defect-status"))
    emit(doc.time, doc);

The view not finding the document as well as the document itself in as the “random document” shown above the view can be seen here -

The document showing up in the bucket documents view -

So my question is why can’t this view find this document? For reference we were seeing some old documents show up as the latest documents in the view (using descending) which I also cannot explain and the two things may be linked.

From my perspective it’s like the index isn’t working with fresh data and it’s not seeing new pushes.

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you here. It looks like you’re using a very old version of Couchbase and it’s certainly possible that you’re hitting a known bug. Is there an opportunity for you to upgrade to a more recent version? I’d also suggest that you look at our newer SQL++ query language and indexing system that is meant to replace views with much more flexibility and performance.