Couchbase view returning docs that do not exist

Simply, I have a view that will not update the index. For this view, stale=false. The view returns 14 documents that do not exist.

Version: 3.0.1 Community Edition (build-1444)
Cluster State ID: 016-030-319

Definitely a bug. How can I force this view to update?

Is there anything in the mapreduce_errors.log? It might be great to file an issue with the collect info submitted.

Hi ingenthr: nothing at all (for that view). In fact, I grepped all of my couchbase logs for mention of that view and basically nothing came up other than a description of the view in debug.log.

It would be great to get generate a collect info (which you can do from the settings portion of the UI) and file an issue. There may be something in the debug logs.

Once we have that info, I’d recommend seeing if removing and then re-creating the view cleans it up. I agree, it definitely sounds like a bug.

p.s.: I removed the 40-preview tag since your output indicates 3.0.1

collect info attached to bug.


By the way, deleting and recreating the index does not solve the problem.

I hate to ask this, but can you try rerunning the cbcollect_info from the command line and this time as root? According to the filed issue, they couldn’t get some of the data out of the collect info.

Sure, will do, I’ll update the bug

Ok, attached result of “sudo /opt/couchbase/bin/cbcollect_info” to the bug

Update: Added large log files in S3 as requested in the issue