Verify Couchbase Server build on Windows

I have successfully built the Couchbase Server on windows from source code.
Can someone please let me know how to verify the built Couchbase server ? Is there any script generated as part of build process which I can run to start the Couchbase server and verify that it is working fine?


You can run make test at the top-level to run the unit tests.

Thanks Dave, Can we start the Couchbase server from the install folder that is generated after the build?

Windows is a bit tricky, I think there’s some service magic in the packaged build. But there’s a python script - ns_server/cluster_run which will spin up a node on the “development” ports - 9000 for admin UI and 12000 for KV-service (instead of 8091 and 11210) you can use.

I am getting the following error while running test. When i close this error, i get same error for other tests also however test case still continue to run. I tried to reinstall C++ redistribution for 2008 and 2013 however still the problem persist.Is there anything else I can do to fix this?