Building Couchbase server 4.5.1 from sources

If there is any up to date guide how to build couchbase server from sources? I have trobule with build Couchbase server 4.5.1 on Ubuntu 16.10. During building mapreduce have trouble with V8 - a lot of undefined reference to v8::*. I installed V8 according to the instructions in
Thank you for any advice


The instructions are at:

Note that we don’t support Ubuntu 16.10 even on the most recent release (we generally only support Ubuntu LTS releases) so you may hit various issues with 16.10.

On Ubuntu 14.04 its looks good. Thank you for information!

I have one more question. Can I use server build from sources in production? This version in web console is present as Version: 4.5.1-community DEV Edition (build-community). There are any license limitations?