Validating Monitoring Events/Alert thresholds in Couchbase

Hello, I have a monitoring script that needs to be validated, for each of the following Couchbase events, and am checking to see if anyone knows how to deliberately trigger the alert in each case so the alert will print to to the system logs. Would be thankful for your input.

How would one deliberately trigger the following:

  1. Maximum number of auto-failed-over nodes was reached.

  2. Node wasn’t auto-failed-over as other nodes are down at the same time.

  3. Node was not auto-failed-over as there are not enough nodes in the cluster running the same service.

  4. Node was not auto-failed-over as auto-failover for one or more services running on the node is disabled.

  5. Metadata overhead is more than 50%

  6. Bucket memory on a node is entirely used for metadata

  7. Writing data to disk for a specific bucket has failed

  8. Writing event to audit log has failed

  9. Approaching full Indexer RAM warning

  10. Remote mutation timestamp exceeded drift threshold

  11. Communication issues among some nodes in the cluster.

Thanks in advance for any input you can provide.

Best Regards,