V8 issues Building 5.5.5 from source

I am trying to build the couchbase server 5.5.5 from the source.
Currently I am facing a lot of issues while building the V8 deps.

Can anyone let me know if there is version dependency on older couchbase and v8 release or more specifically which v8 branch I can use to build couchbase 5.5.5 so that I won’t be getting compilation errors from V8.


  1. I am making a docker file to build this inside docker with base image is ubuntu 18.04
  2. I have till now tried building V8 from couchbasedeps/v8 repository with branches 5.5.5, 5.2-couchbase and 5.9 couchbase.
  3. The building of V8 was done using the make as well as the gn way, both failed.