UTF8 Support In Indexes / Internationalization

There is very little that I can find about UTF8 Support in indexes in Couchbase.

Does any of the couchbase team have a tip on links to internationalization support in couchbase, specifically UTF-8 support in indexes so I can build an index on city or name and it makes sense to people in that language.

Actually if I’m not mistaken, Indexes are entirely (and only UTF8), also the sorting of the index is done through UTF8 sorting. Are you looking for something special that has not been possible in your testing?

Any FAQS or other insights into using couchbase on international (Asian/Arabic) countries?

Couchbase views use unicode collation, so they will come out according to whatever that collation table says is the right ordering. I’ve heard this is not ideal for some asian languages, but it is the correct/standard thing to do to my knowledge. You may want to research unicode collation for the language(s) you’re planning to use.

Yes, internationalization is not a trivial issue. Maybe you should start a corner of your web site dedicated to the cumulative knowledge of couchbase users in this area.

For example, I would love to here what Viber did in this area for searching by user name.