Error when saving utf-8 strings to database after upgrading to Couchbase Server 7.1 with Node JS SDK version 4.1

after upgrading to Couchbase server 7.1 (from 7.0) and to Couchbase Node JS SDK 4.1 (from 3.2) , I can’t seem to save UTF-8 strings to the database properly.
With the previous versions of Couchbase and the Node JS SDK, I had no issues and it seemed to support UTF-8 out of the box.
With the latest versions, UTF-8 characters are not handled properly. For example, I am passing a JS object which has a property “5 Rue d’Estrées, 75007 Paris, France” to the Collection.insert method of the Node JS SDK, and in the database it is saved as “5 Rue d’Estrées, 75007 Paris, France”.

Has something changed in the API or in the configuration since previous versions ? Should I downgrade to the previous versions or is there a configuration parameter that I am missing in order to save the JSON documents as UTF-8 to the database ?


The error is also with reading data that was previously saved … when I get a document from the database it is returning as a Buffer with 4.1.1 … it returns the correct JSON when I get the document using 3.2.5

Actually it is a couchbase issue . The solution is to downgrade your SDK version to 3.2 and wait for a fix to be deployed in an upcoming version of the SDK .