Using more than one disk

I am using couchbase server community edition deployed on Azure VMs. With a limit of 1TB data disk in Azure, is there a way to make couchbase utilize more than one data disk?

Another way I think is to configure software RAID-0 to have a bigger capacity disk but, will software RAID work well with couchbase server with respect to performance?

Software RAID / LVM or anything similar will allow CB to use more than one disk. Just present a filesystem mount to Couchbase and it’ll use that :slight_smile:

On Azure, you do need a raid 0 to get the largest size. here are the steps to get there.

There is an arm template that will do this for you as well here (ubuntu based)


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Just like to note I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with Azure disks and couchbase recently and you require a RAID 0 array to get the disk performance required by couchbase. We were using a 1TB standard data disk (no caching) for our couchbase data and it had terrible performance and greatly affected couchbase. Enabling caching will greatly increase performance but is possibly dangerous in the case of a power outage, couchbase does not recommend doing it.