Using Couchbase Lite on Window Desktop with offline mode

Is it possible to use Couchbase Lite on Java web application with offline mode on window desktop? (Assume the web server host in local window desktop)

Once the window desktop get online, it will preform the data sync to Couchbase Sync Gateway.

Can I do that?

Hi @saitat,
I’m not sure I understand your setup, could you explain it in a bit more detail?

As I read your question you have 2 components in the solution:
1 = Web App developed in Java
2 = Windows Desktop App (.NET WPF app or Java)

Is the Windows App hosting the Web App and what is the purpose of the Web App?

It is possible to use CB Lite from a .NET WPF app and thereby support “Offline First” in a desktop app on Windows.

I’ve created a Java web application and the web server is hosting in the local Win 7/8 PC machine.

My question is can I connect my web app to CB lite under my local machine and upload the data to Couchbase server via Sync Gateway, thanks.

Besides, will you have a plan to support Remobject-Element?

As I tried a lot of methods to install CB Lite into this framework, but totally failed… :sleepy:
My workaround solution is put the CB Lite connection into the platform specific level(IOS, Android, Win app and Web app)

Hi @saitat,
Thanks for the ekstra details. Is the “self hosted” web application used to push data into Sync Gateway or?

If the web site’s only purpose is to push data into Sync Gateway, perhaps using the REST API is an easier approach?

Alternatively I have found this page to give a good description of the various options:

Perhaps this can help you in the right direction?

If not, could I ask you to describe the flow in the application?


I want to use offline sync mechanism with couchbase lite for web application in HTML5. could you please help here. As I didn’t find any web sample application which talks about offline sync mechanism in html5.

Thank you!
Narottam goyal

I think @martinesmann is living in first world (USA), so he has difficulty comprehending the problem. Imagine you have a web server with couchbase database and you have a client in some remote areas where the internet might be spotty. Typical web client that connect directly with rest API won’t work because if internet is bad , means you have to wait till internet is good to continue working. Instead, we can have a couchbase lite in the client. It doesn’t matter if the internet is good or bad, you can continue working (data entry etc) offiline. Couchbase lite will automagically sync with server (sync gateway) when internet is good.

It is the same as the mobile use case. just replace mobile with desktop (with bad internet connection).

I hope it is clear now.

I am also looking for a solution. Please don’t tell us to write our own sync solutions.

The reason we choose couchbase is because it is sync solutions out of the box.

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I am also searching for this solution. We use laptops out in the field (Colorado, USA) . Often there is poor or no internet signal. The supervisors in the field will do paperwork offline. When they have internet, they will sync / send to the office.
We are looking for something easy to install because of high volume of employees. also looking to remotely update software with changes and improvements.

What does Couchbase have to support this business function?