Using Couchbase as CouchDB and Memcached at the same time!

Hi there,

I need to implement an idea and wondering whether Couchbase can provide the solution or may be a good part of the solution.

Basically I want to use Memcached to cache data for my application. However the data in the Memcached is to be loaded from NoSQL (probably Json documents), and the data in Json documents is to be imported automatically from database (Mysql) (periodically or upon modifications of Memcached data).

Also during the process I will need to apply some Map/Reduce operations on the Json documents (periodically).

I hope this makes sense to you, and I look forward to receiving your suggestions.

Your reply is very much appreciated.


Based on your description, it does sound like Couchbase would work well for you. Just toss in the JSON documents and the caching side will do quite well for you.