Memcached Bucket

I am thinking to create 2 different data bucket types in our couchbase server: one of type couchDB (with replication, cache, storage) and the second Memecached (only cached).
My 2 questions are:

1- Can I use N1QL to join between data in these different buckets?
2- Can I store the data as JSON documents in the Memecached bucket type?

@couchbwiss first, there is no couchdb bucket (only couchbase). Now onto your questions:

1 - N1QL is only available on couchbase buckets, not on memcache buckets. You can join between couchbase buckets though.
2 - You can store JSON in memcache buckets, but you will only be able to retreive it by its unique ID.

Thanks @daschl , can you please elaborate more how to join between both buckets without using N1QL?


@couchbwiss if you want to join across buckets without N1QL, you need to open both buckets in the SDK, load the documents and then join them at the application layer. N1QL is the only built-in way to join documents across buckets without the application being involved in the steps.

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@daschl thanks foe the answer:)

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