Using cbimport on Couchbase server CE 6.0


I’m trying to use the cbimport utility ( on a Couchbase Server Community Edition 6.0.0 (on CentOS 6 -it’s a dev. VM) - but I cannot find it??? Nor how to install it???

I must be overlooking the obvious… I have a 500 docs on a test server (running 6.5.1) that I want to export and import into the dev server…

Thanks in advance!

Hey @jda,

cbimport was not included in Community 6.0, but I believe it is included in Community 6.5 and later.

Okay, so that would explain it.

So the only option really is to upgrade my dev. server to CentOS 7+ to be able to upgrade to Couchbase 6.5.1 …?

Well, that will not be a quick way to try out the modifications this time :slight_smile:

If you install CE 6.5 elsewhere, you might be able to just copy the cbimport binary and use it. There was some talk about having a separate “tools only” download (which will be especially important as more people start to use Couchbase Cloud), but I haven’t seen that materialize yet.

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Is there a way to export a “subset” (e.g. only one type) of documents? Or is it just the entire database…? I couldn’t find anything in the documentation about it - so I fear it is just everything…

What I wanted to do was to export all documents of a specific type prior to running some batch code on it - just to verify the results prior to running the code in production :innocent:

If you mean with cbexport, then no I don’t think so. That operation would likely require a N1QL query and index, so cbexport would not be the right fit. You could use curl with the N1QL REST API. Another option that’s relatively new and experimental is the Couchbase Shell, which can also execute N1QL queries.

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Ok. Would that then be a cbimport to import the documents exported the other way?

I think it is a use case that could apply to more :wink: