Urgent Need x86_64 architecture for Asus, Dell devices some chromebooks, emulators and so on

Currently we are using CB lite android 2.5.0 but we realize that there is not support for x86_64 architecture which we need urgent, we realize that there is some PR with that change.

So we are requesting if its possible to release a fix version with that, since we are close to our dates to generate a release build of our app.

You can easily build this yourself, if you need it…

Hey @rafaellroca,

As @blake.meike has mentioned, if this is for your own personal use or you’re a user of our Community Edition, then there are options here to build what you need yourself. That said if you’re an Enterprise Customer, it would be best to raise this through our Support Portal so that we can follow up with you.



Thanks I created a ticket also in the support portal since it is not for personal use.