If at last couchbase lite C will support android?

I wonder if at last couchbase lite C will support android. I need this support and I see an android cmake file.

Not sure what you mean, here. Couchbase Lite builds for android.
You can get whatever you need: The LiteCore library with JNI bindings or even just LiteCore itself. The version with bindings is in the CBLite Android .aar, and you can build the version wo/JNI bindings using the CMake file in Core

Do you mean Couchbase Lite For C? It has support for Linux, although we’ve only tried it with Ubuntu and Respbian. Android is a Linux distro, but it might have incompatibilities.

Hello Jens!
Yes, I am asking about Couchbase Lite C. And when I am building my binary using the libCouchbaseLiteC.so for android platform., the error message shows that the .so file is incompatible with the configuration --config=android_arm64-v8a. So could I know for couchbase lite C, is there a timeline of supporting android?

To build for Android you’d need a GCC toolchain supporting your CPU (ARM64), and a sysroot containing the Linux headers/libs found on Android. We’ve done the equivalent work for Raspberry Pi, but that’s a different platform.

I don’t know whether the released Couchbase Lite-C will support Android, since we already ship a version of Couchbase Lite for that platform. Is there a reason you can’t use that? Are you writing an Android app in C/C++?

Hello Jens!
Thanks for your reply! We have a set of C++ code that we want to run on various devices and use Couchbase Lite’s features. In order to achieve our goal of running this code on a variety of platforms, we hope to be able to use Couchbase Lite C on Android. Since Couchbase Lite C currently has some compatibility issues with Android, I was wondering if we could contribute to this project by helping with resolving the compatibility issues and fully supporting Couchbase Lite C on Android? If so, are there any existing incompatibilities that you know of that we could use as a starting point?

We are encouraging outside developers to contribute to Couchbase Lite C since it will be a huge support challenge given the sheer number of devices out there that run C. We have done literally nothing for Android yet, so feel free to start anywhere you like (note: some library functionality is not completed yet either).

Hello Jim!
Thanks for your quick reply! I am glad to hear that. Besides, could I know how far we are to the android support of couchbase lite C? Is this a huge amount of work? What could we do besides completing these library functionalities?

It shouldn’t be much work, since it’s mostly just a slightly different flavor of Linux. Please feel free to file issues on the Github repo for any problems, and then file PRs as you fix them :slight_smile: