Upgrading from 3.0.1 CE to 4.0.0 CE failed

@cihangirb, @anil,

I performed Single node upgrade and installation went very smoothly !
However, 1 hour later (!) cluster is still pending. To what, I cannot tell.

Update: 7 hours later still pending. Tried restart, still pending

I found this log:

Please advise, Itay

I tried to re-install 4.0 but since the only option is to completely remove the server, I decided to ask for more instructions before continuing as I don’t want to lose configuration and data

I guess from the logs that the problem is with memcached.exe restarting.

I really hoped that ver 4 will be working flawlessly.


Any ideas about how to restore proper operation ?

Hi, Apologies for delay in response. I would probably recommend posting a ‘collect info’ which can be done from the Web UI and then filing an issue. Since the logs above isn’t enough to identify the issue.