Upgrade SGW 1.3.1 to 1.5.1 log display Error processing DCP stream

Hi i did upgrade in my couchbase server 4.5.1 to 4.6.3 and in my SGW 1.3.1 to 1.5.1
In process upgrade didnt have problem but when i wanted start SWG the log display this lines all time

16:57:18.659291 2017-12-29T16:57:18.659Z WARNING: Error processing DCP stream - will attempt to restart/reconnect: EOF – base.(*DCPReceiver).OnError() at dcp_feed.go:136

the log type is WARNING but i do change in my web app (bucket app ) and dont sync to bucket shadow (mobile side )


Do you have strict firewall rules setup from SG to CB.

In SG 1.5.x the default method for SG to consume changes from Couchbase has changed from TAP to DCP.

You can change it back to TAP via SG’s config file settings to get you over the hump and debug access.


@EduardoCamargo just as an FYI, SGW 1.5.1 supports “Mobile Convergence” which is a better alternative to Bucket Shadowing, which is being deprecated.

See enhancement 473 here:


Are you saying that you’re seeing incorrect behavior associated w/ this warning? Can you explain in more detail?

i dont have firewall rules
was the defaul method consume change the reason of warning
i changed the parameter and all good :smiley:
thanks a lot for your reply

yes i see the link and i think migrate to version 5 CB for do this approach
Thanks for your reply and recommendation