'tap connection failed' error in Sync_gateway log file

I have configured sync_gateway with couchbase bucket. I am able to insert records in Couchbase Bucket from mobile devices using Sync Gateway.

But in Sync Gateway error log file I am continuously getting following error
"go-couchbase: Tap feed from failed: tap connection failed:"
INFO - “go-couchbase: TAP connection lost; reconnecting to bucket ‘Bucket_Name’ in 1s”

I am using Community version of Sync Gateway (1.4) and community version of Couchbase (5.0)
What is the reason for this problem.


Looks like your SG is getting failed connections to CB on its data port.
The TAP feed is CB’s internal replication stream which would effect the _changes to the device.

Are you running SG and CB on your local machine?
Is there a firewall between SG and CB?
CB might be undersized & overloaded and having problems.

Try Upgrading to SG 1.5.1 its uses DCP ,the CB’s other internal replication stream, instead of TAP
Also there is higher level of logging with the DCP stream in Sync Gateway.

08 AM
Docs: https://developer.couchbase.com/documentation/mobile/current/guides/sync-gateway/config-properties/index.html

Thanks for the reply.

The CB bucket is having very less data as of now.
The capacity of CB server is huge t2.xlarge with 16 gb memory.
The SG and CB are on AWS ec2 instance and there is no firewall between SG and CB.

To upgrade SG shall I uninstall existing 1.4.1 SG and install 1.5.1 version of SG if there is no significant traffic.

Thanks again for the help.