Unsuccessful Base64 encoding

I’m storing java objects into couchbase. The objects largely represent database quereis. The range is between 50 to 5000 rows. Recently some of our objects have failed to deserialized after being stored. The process converts from Base64 to Binary and then re-references the object. It has worked correctly up to now and we have worked very hard to see what might have changed but have been unable to come up with anything.

Has anyone seen this before - an object that previously was correctly stored now being corrupted in some way?

hi @markakruger

What SDK version, method and format are you using to store your objects?
Do you use a BinaryDocument? Did you make a switch to a new version of the SDK? Of Couchbase Server?

Ideally, could you provide a minimal example/test case that demonstrates the problem?


My team discovered the issue and it will likely matter to at least some of your users.

Adobe released a “fix” on ColdFusion 10 update 14 that actually broke the serialization of objects. These two bugs on Adobe’s bugtracker have some details that might help:

Essentially, if you are using a version of CF later than CF 10 update 13 you are going to experience this problem. It will crop up in an anomolous fasion and be extremely hard to predict.

We are pushing Adobe to take this bug seriously.

Hope this helps.

Sorry - I should mention (since this is a couchbase forum) that we are using Wirebox with Cachebox - it uses Adobe’ Coldfusion under the hood to do it’s serialization. So this is not a couchbase issue. It is an issue with Adobe’s implementation of base64 serializaiton. Thanks for your input though!

@markakruger thanks for raising it nonetheless, I know of a bunch of CF users who might benefit from that as well!

Yes - it’s a very good fit for content systems, session management and caching. We have a large team (35 cf folks) and we are quite enthusiastic about CB.

@markakruger awesome to hear! Let us know if you run into any issues.

sorry to hear that Adobe broke your serialization usage :frowning:
glad you like Couchbase though :wink: