Error deserializing row value from bytes to Json Object - error

I am facing this issue after adding the third node to my couchbase cluster. Earlier my cluster was of two nodes, later we added one more node henceforth we are facing this issue in between, when the request is going to the third node I think, I am getting this de-serialization error. Otherwise it is running the “getProfiles” method successfully. getProfiles(get some default 20 profiles) is one of the method of my “CustomerProfile” REST API.

It will be great to get a quick response on this. Kindly provide assistance for the same.

Find the version details below:
Version: 4.5.0-2601 Enterprise Edition (build-2601)

If you want I can provide my code too for more details. Thanks!!!

How are you performing the fetch of the document? Is it using one of our SDKs? We do test this exact scenario (adding a node) in our regular testing with SDKs. If you could post some more info about how you’re accessing Couchbase (whether one of the REST interfaces or a client library) and version of that, we can probably help more.

If it’s one of the SDKs and this is easy to reproduce, I’d probably recommend turning the log level up and getting some information.

Thanks @ingenthr for replying :slight_smile:

Yes we are using couchbase-client-version - 2.3.1 to fetch the document in our service (CustomerProfile -REST API). Can you please help me out to turn the log level up :smile:

Info on adjusting the logging is in the docs. Good luck!

Thank you @ingenthr :slight_smile:

Happy to inform that the issue is resolved now, updated couchbase-client-version to 2.3.3(latest one) :smile:

Thanks once again for your time and help :relaxed:

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