Unrecognized parameter in request: query_context error

Hello, we get the following error when trying to run query on our Prod servers.

[{"code":1065,"msg":"Unrecognized parameter in request: query_context"}]

We are using the latest SDK

github.com/couchbase/gocb/v2 v2.6.5

I believe the CB server version is 6.6

Doing some digging.

This line

	queryOpts["query_context"] = fmt.Sprintf("%s.%s", s.BucketName(), s.Name())

seem to be causing the problem. We tried removing it and it worked. It would be nice to mitigate this issue in the next release.

I opened an issue for you - GOCBC-1528

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query_context query parameter only supported CB 7.0 or higher

Thanks. We changed the code to do the query at the cluster level which seems to be working.