[undefined reference] Couchbase lite 3.0.2 and ubuntu 20.04 on arm64


I have 1 issue when cross compile:
libcblite.so: undefined reference to `fcntl64@GLIBC_2.28’

Couchbase lite 3.0.2
Ubuntu 20.04
glibc: 2.31

Do you have any solutions to fix it?


Are you trying to compile couchbase-lite-c for ubuntu arm64? If that is so, we have already had pre-built binary available on couchbase.com website to download. Or please provide more info about how you build the binary including the toolchain you have installed and the build machine.

I just use pre-build bianry available on couchbase.com: Download Links | Couchbase Docs


It sounds like you are building your binary on a different distro than you are deploying on. The error message says, in essence, that your glibc is too old on the machine you are executing on (in this case, it is less than 2.28). To make a portable Linux based application you need to build on the oldest machine you plan to support for this reason.