Unable to write docs into Couchbase using spark structure streaming

below code i tried, connection itself it was not established, any sample examples in java using spark structure streaming any help will be appreciate

SparkSession spark = SparkSession
  .config("spark.couchbase.nodes", "") 
  .config("spark.couchbase.bucket.mybucket", "123") 
  .config("com.couchbase.username", "Administrator")
  .config("com.couchbase.password", "password")

Dataset<row> df=....//dataset reading data from kafka

StreamingQuery query = df.writeStream
  .option("checkpointLocation", "mycheckpointlocation")
  .option("idField", "value")


Hey @Pa1

As on the Stack Overflow version of this question, we could use some more info like a stack trace.

Also as noted there you don’t want to supply the “123” password, that’s for versions of Couchbase before 5.0, where bucket passwords were needed. Now security is done with RBAC instead. But I don’t see anything else obviously wrong with the code, assuming you’re providing the correct authentication and node details.