Spark Streaming document data in spark connector 3.3.3

I am updating my Spark jobs to 3.3.0 from 2.4.3 and in the latest spark connector it looks like couchbaseStream does not exist anymore so I am migrating to Spark Structured Streaming and I have a couple of questions/

  1. Is it possible to keep the original couchbaseStream dstream implementation? Or did this old spark streaming couchbase stream become deprecated.

  2. For Spark Structured Streaming I followed the documentation examples here Spark Structured Streaming Support | Couchbase Docs and I am receiving the same output however I would like to receive the data in the document not just the: id, content, deletion, etc. How would I stream the documents data? The only format I know is “couchbase.kv” and I’m not sure if I need to use a different format or if I’m missing a configuration or an extra step.

I realized that the content was as a Binary data source and my issue was solved when I converted it to a string.