Unable to join node to a cluster

I unable to join a node to a cluster and it showed “Attention: Prepare join failed. Node is already part of cluster.”. However, the node did not display in the server tab.

@tonyyip1969 Can you please provide additional details? Are you adding a new node to an existing cluster? What version of Couchbase Server you are using? Is it a data service? If you prove additional information that would help

I’m also getting this error. Here’s what I know: a cluster had three analytics nodes. One went down and some missteps may have been taken by the developer when trying to fix it. When I try to re add the node, I get the same response:

Failed to add node [IP]:[port] to cluster. Prepare join failed. Node is already part of cluster.

I saw when doing some minimal research that a removed analytics node necessitates rebuilding “shadow data”, because multiple nodes in a cluster share that data and “the shadow data must be rebuilt” if a node is lost. But, I had trouble finding instructions on rebuilding the “shadow data”.

There’s one other obvious irregularity: in the settings tab, I get a red-letter warning:

Total quota (15000MB) exceeds the maximum allowed quota (14987MB) on node ‘ns_1@[IP]’

When I change the quota to the specified amount, I get the warning:

The data service quota (14987MB) cannot be less than 15000MB (current total buckets quota, or at least 256MB).

It seems that the maximum memory allowed is less than the minimum memory required. Could that have something to do with it?


Update: the primary cause was that the node I was trying to add to the cluster was already a member of another cluster. It was added by a coworker without changes to documentation. The solution was to remove it from the cluster of which it was currently a member, then add it to the other cluster. That’s all!