Couchbase Cluster Error adding Node

Hi Team,

While adding a node to the cluster, we get errors like “ERROR: Prepare join failed. Node is already part of cluster” but while check any GUI those IPs are not part of the cluster. It was part of the cluster due to maintenance activity we removed the cluster but after that while trying to re-add getting an error. Could you please let us know the possible reason and which log need to check for troubleshoot this error.


Is the node to be added perhaps part of a different cluster? Maybe even it’s own cluster?

@mreiche thanks for the response. We need to add the node to the own cluster.

Hi @mreiche ,

One more thing want to know is that there are so many log files in “/opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/logs” folder, so which log files need to be checked for what kind of error. Is it anywhere documented in couchbase.


Right. But apparently it is already part of another cluster. So it cannot be added to a your cluster. You can remove it from the cluster it is in by going to https://ip-of-server:8091/ui , go to Servers, select the server and click on Remove (lower right)

I also received similar sort of error while adding back to the same cluster after the maintenance.
Here are few things which we did as part of the work around

  1. Use http along with 8091
  2. If you are using secured connection use https with 18091
  3. Apply certificate before adding and then use the option 1 or 2 or you can directly give the FQDN.

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