UI weird bug - shows wrong numbers

Hello, I came across a very weird bug:

I am using couchbase 3 with Java SDK.

I store a user with the key: <TENANAT_ID>- and I also have the user id inside the document.

Now, when I insert a user with a this kind of userId: 1009407124396297990 the UI shows:

This is the JsonDocument (printed just before calling the bucket)
JsonDocument{id=‘114-1009407124396297990’, cas=0, expiry=0, content={“userCreationTimestamp”:1439331738331,“identities”:[“2a7db251-4faf-4ef5-88b9-

“userCreationTimestamp”: 1439331738331,
“identities”: [
“lastKnownSessionId”: null,
“modelVersion”: “3”,
“lastEventTimestamp”: null,
“tenantId”: 114,
“userProperties”: {},
“lastSessionProperties”: {},
“expireAt”: null,
“userId”: 1009407124396298000


But when I retrieve the user from couchbase I get:


Is it really a UI bug or is it data problems?

Regards, ido

Hi, the fact that your tenantId is null but has a value when you retrieve it leads to believe the doc has been modified since. Can you tell us more about your issue?

It isn’t - it’s my bad.

The test I generated showed NULL for tenants (event int he key). I manually entered 114 just for the this post and forgot to do so in the document. I edited it.

You should be careful using large numbers in JSON documents. Depending on your SDK / JSON library they may be converted to 64-bit floating-point numbers during serialisation. It’s generally safer to use Strings for anything approaching the precision limits of double-precision floats.

See this recent thread for more details.