2 cents to improve Nickel

  1. Nuisance with floats:
    big integer property values in JSON, e.g. “linkid”: 519596977 are returned as 5.19596977e+08.

I understand that javascript has 4-bytes ints and such values might not fit in the domain (currently they do). Is there an option in cbq to set float format for output at least? (Better yet is to treat int as int.)

  1. Why there are no inner/outer joins? I understand that main loop logic uses _all_docs view (and joins would multiply the load for the same data). But it would be very easy to look up the doc by reference id, at least in the same bucket.

(Errors in N1QL docs: “Scalar Functions” section has copy/paste of Description from ROUND( value, digits ) to RTRIM, TRUNC and VALUE. Again, what VALUE() does?)


Yes, we need to improve number handling and distinguish floats from ints. We’re currently using standard libraries for JSON number I/O, so we may need to do something custom for this. See http://www.couchbase.com/issues/browse/MB-9370

Inner/outer joins by primary key: these have been designed and will be added by the time of Beta / GA.

Docs: thanks, will be fixed.

Thanks for the feedback.

Docs fixed in DP2, thanks.

In the tutorial:

SELECT 519596977


“resultset”: [
"$1": 519596977

Are you doing something else that is causing your id to lose precision? Can you post the query?