Two-way synchronization

We are looking at moving our data from IBM Domino to another backend. One of the things Domino does really well is replicate (or synchronize as they call it) between a Server and Clients. That means that Users can take their mailbox, or any other application DB, with them and work offline and when they have access to the server the “master” on the Server synchs with the “slave”.

I know that Couchbase supports two-way synching between servers, but does it support two 2-way synchronization between a server and a mobile Client? Assuming that it does, does it also support selective replication, where the data that is pushed out to the Client can be controlled at a field level.

Thx in advance for any insight.

That’s exactly what Sync Gateway and Couchbase Mobile can do for your deployment. Check out for some detail on how it comes together.