Sync Gateway to Sync Gateway synchronisation

Hi all,

I have a peculiar problem, I have 3 clusters , 1 on location A , one on location B and one on cloud lets say it as location C. The problem is all 3 have a sync gateway and their mobile devices. For a special case I need to sync cluster A data to cluster C (cloud) and cluster B data to cluster C (cloud). But in no cases data of A should reach to B. connectivity from A and B to C on most days can be very fragile with very expensive (Satellite connection). The connectivity is very good on some days when there is a LAN between them.

What do you suggest how should I sync data between them. I only want latest data to travel and no history should travel. Apart from this , is there any switch which if I turn off the sync will stop and if ON the sync will start.

When there is good connectivity I need least possible latency. but when the connectivity is low I can manage with high latency.

Please help me I know this is strange scenario, and it will make sure whether we can use Couch base as our solution.

Please help guys its something very urgent. May be XDCR can help but how we can stop data From A to B in XDCR ?

It sounds like you want to set up one-way push replications from A and B to C. Here’s the documentation covering this type of replication:

For the variable connectivity aspect - there isn’t anything automated around that type of scheduling, but you could build that out yourself using the different replication options. You can cancel and restart replications, and they will resume from where they left off. You can choose between continuous and one-shot replications, depending on which makes sense for your use case.

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Thanks a lot Adam. We have finalized this for upcoming projects. I will be asking a lot of question in future, Thanks again