Trying to send a _bulk_docs request to Sync Gateaway

Hi, I’m trying to send a _bulk_docs update request to sync gateaway so I can update some files, here is an example of how the JSON is looking like:

{ "docs": [ { "_id": "the_id", "_rev": "1-8d0db483e7cbe5ca8a70166d63754c5c9ed26e50", "_attachments": { "some_data": "100", "some_val": "", "dataArr": [ { "elementID": 1, "val": "1" } ] } } ], "new_edits": true }

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but in the response I get:

error:Method Not Allowed reason:

And the reason is actually empty. If anyone could please tell me what I’m doing wrong I would really appreciate it.

Did you send the request as a POST, not a GET?

I sent the request as a POST

Then the URL must be wrong… What was the URL? (It really makes things quicker if you can give all the relevant information up front.)

"http://<SG_HOST>:<SG_PORT>/<SG_DB>/_bulk_docs" <- This is the url I’m using. With a post method. And the JSON I showed above.

Well, I’m stumped. But it really, really looks as though the request method was not POST. Are you certain of the tool/API you used to send it? And is there perhaps some kind of gateway like a reverse-proxy or load-balancer between you and SG, that might be messing with the request?