Sync Gateaway Bulk Docs example

Hi, currently I’m working with Sync Gateaway but I’ve never done it before, and I want to perform an update with the _bulk_docs rest API. I have questions:

  • The _id should be the document Id?
  • The revision needs to be filled? Can I fill it with any uid?
  • I what field should I specify the values that I want updated in my object?
  • If the file I want to update is inside an array, how should I specify that value?

Apart from that, I would really appreciate if anyone could give me an example of a JSON passed on this API call. Thanks in advance.

@egroj97 Have you seen these docs yet?

If you still need further help, please post follow up questions and I’ll try to make sure they get folded into the docs.

Yes, I did read them, but for me is still a little confusing. As you can see in the example we have the following fields:

  • docs
  • ids
  • attachments

And this is were I start getting confused. What should I send inside the ids field? The _id is the document Id, right? And what should I sent with the attachments?