Timeout Exception in my c# console APP


I am getting 'Couchbase.Core.Exceptions.UnambiguousTimeoutException:'Timed out after 00:00:20 with 0 nodes ’ when i connect to my CB server . I was asked to put WaitUntilReadyAsync(20) which i did but after the wait I am getting ‘UnambiguousTimeoutException’

var host = “couchbase://mck.win.net/”;
var username = “0*******”;
var password = “*******”;

This is a windows server and should be able to connect only on my company’s network/VPN .

Any thoughts ?

            var cluster = await Cluster.ConnectAsync (
                new ClusterOptions
                    UserName = username,
                    Password = password

            await cluster.WaitUntilReadyAsync(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(30), null);
            var bucket = await cluster.BucketAsync("some bucket");
            await cluster.DisposeAsync();
        catch (Exception e)

Have you tried using the SDK Doctor GitHub - couchbaselabs/sdk-doctor: Application-server-side cluster connection diagnostics. to make sure you don’t have a networking problem?

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