Timebound document status update

We have a usecase where in when the user completes all the data entry, the status of the documents is set to “recall” for 2 hours after the completion where the user can make changes to the document within those 2 hours. If the user completes the assessments clicks on submit then they can edit this record within 2 hours. This is internal business logic. However, after 2 hours the status must be changed to “completed” within the cblite database. Is there a way to do this within the document itself a timebound status change configuration, or is it something that application should take care of.

No, there’s nothing like that in CBL. You’ll have to implement it yourself.

If I were doing this I probably wouldn’t store the status in the document, but instead store a timestamp of when it was completed. That way you can compute the status by subtracting the timestamp from the current time, without having to make any changes.

Thank you very much.